Children’s Enrichment Program

The Children’s Enrichment Program (CEP) is the signature program of The Craddock Center. In 2017-2018, throughout our three-state Southern Appalachia region, our arts specialists delivered regular half-hour music and movement instruction, storytelling, and puppet shows to 64 classrooms, totaling to 1,344 children. CEP Artists also went into schools 3 times throughout the year and put on wonderful puppet shows for the children! Starting in October was our “Campfire Songs and Stories”. Our Artists brought a campfire prop and sat around the fire telling “Not So Spooky Stories”, “roasting” cotton ball marshmallows on sticks with the children- they just loved it!

Happy and Hope are the new mascots of The Craddock Center. The Children’s Enrichment Program artists will begin the 2018-2019 academic year in September with Happy and Hope leading the way! At a recent debut appearance in a Fannin County classroom the children and teachers were very excited about seeing Happy and Hope. In October, our CEP artists and new mascots will present campfire songs and stories to the children. We are proud to introduce the new members of The Craddock Center team!

Our program is delivered free of charge to schools in the area, with priority given to schools with the highest percentage of children on free or reduced lunches. Storytellers also bring to life engaging, language-rich stories, often with Appalachian themes, for children. Our CEP artists use props, voices, sign language, and movement to share their talents and create learning experiences that build school readiness, emerging literacy skills, and creativity.

When our CEP program is evaluated, teachers report seeing children engage in role playing and modeling. These activities develop critical book-handling skills. We also hear from teachers that social skills are nurtured by our arts specialists.