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Our mission is to deliver educational and cultural programs for children, families, and communities, primarily in Southern Appalachia. We serve by sharing and spreading centuries old traditions of song and story.

Children's Enrichment Program

Music, storytelling, puppets and more! The Children's Enrichment Program is our signature mission, bringing the arts to communities across Southern Appalachia.

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Craddock Center programs bring "Happy & Hope" to children across the Southern Appalachia. Help us make a difference.

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The Craddock Center delivers educational and cultural programs to children, families, and communities primarily in southern Appalachia.

The program of the Center is determined by need. In some cases it may begin with food, clothing, or housing but that is only the beginning. There is no commandment, ” Thou shall barely get by.” Every life needs enrichment and that means classes in health care, job training, family economics, child-rearing. It means music and art and storytelling. It means getting together to listen to each other’s stories and to enjoy one another. It means to include the confined by visits, cards, calls, and gifts. It is to say, “This is a good place to live, to raise a family, to build friendships, to grow old, and to die.”