Knit a Hat

Every year, we give away a new, hand-knitted hat to each of our preschoolers. Hats arrive at the Center from all corners, volunteers count and sort them, and come Winter, each child receives a lovingly made, unique hat to keep his head warm and his heart happy.

We are often asked, how big? Here are some guidelines:


A child 3-10 years old has, on average, a head size of 19-20 inches around and would need a hat height of 8-8.5 inches.


Bernat® Glow in the Dark(40 9 /1.4 oz): 2 balls

Size U. S. 9 straight needles



The instructions are written for smallest size. If changes are necessary for larger size the instructions will be written in parentheses ( ).

Pattern 1

Direrections: Cast on 72 (88) sts.

1st row: (RS). K3. *P4. K4. Rep from * to last 7 sts. P4. K3. 2nd row: P3. *K4. P4. Rep from * to last 7 sts. K4. P3.

Rep last 2 rows of ribbing for 9 (10) ins [23 (25.5) em], ending on a 2nd row.

Next row: K3. *(P2tog) twice. (K2tog) twice. Rep from * to last 7 sts. (P2tog) twice. K3. 40 (44) sts. Break yarn leaving a long end. Draw end tightly through rem sts. Sew center back seam, reversing seam 3 ins. [7.5 em] for cuff turn-back.

Pattern 2

Note: you can do this one on circular needles with the following changes: 9 U S 16″ circular needles

Directions: Cast on 72 (88) sts. Join making sure to have stitches turned right

Knit 4, purl 4. Continue until piece measures 9 (10) inches.

P 2 tog twice. K 2 tog. twice. Repeat to beginning point. Break yarn leaving a long end. Draw end tightly through remaining stitches. Pull tight, work end of yarn into hat.

Pattern 3

Hat for baby (child, adult)

Worsted weight yarn: U S 8 16″ circular needle

Directions: Cast on 60 (70,80) stitches (use smaller needle if desired). Work in klpl rib for 4 (5, 6) inches.

Begin decreases:

R I: K2 tog, k8 around. R2: Knit.

R 3: K2 tog, k7 around. R4: Knit.

Continue decreases in above manner until K2 tog around. Cut yam, pull though live loops twice. Weave in ends